GlassChalk® Stencil Auto Accessory Pack-1 PK

GlassChalk® Stencil Auto Accessory Pack-1 PK

NEW! The Glass Chalk Auto Accessory Pack includes our specially designed cling stencils for a cleaner, more professional look on your car windows, storefront windows, home windows or mirrors! Glasschalk stays on in the rain and cleans off easily! For use on Automobile glass, windows, mirrors, posters, paper, plastic, banners and more!


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  • NEW! Glasschalk cling stencils provide a cleaner, more professional way to express yourself on car windows, home windows, business windows or mirrors.
  • GREAT FOR TEMPORARY OR PERMANENT RESULTS: Express yourself on any non-porous surface like auto glass, windows, mirrors, metal, dry erase boards, chalkboards, light boards, windshields and ceramics or as permanent color on wood, fabric and other porous surfaces.
  • DIY IDEAS & VIDEOS: Our brand not only offers a patented product but also dedicates to inspire new creations through our website. Our customers can find the latest designs and learn step by step on how to create them. If you need help creating something and would like a tutorial, send us a message through our customer service; our team goes to great lengths to ensure customer satisfaction!
  • EASY TO USE, EASY TO CLEAN: Glass Chalk Original is made easy to use by kids and adults. Your masterpiece on non-porous surfaces will remain intact through the rain. Now even easier cleanup with the included detailer/scraper tool and Glasschalk eraser!