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The Glass Chalk Story: How We Got Into Making Markers

In 1994, the Houston Rockets were in a playoff run for their first national championship. Founders Jody and Tracy Daniel, noticed a lot of fans were putting  white shoe polish on their car windows in support of the Rockets. Jody thought it would be much better if fans could mark up their windows with yellow and red; the Rockets colors at the time. Thus began the process of inventing a formulation that would stay on in the rain and wipe off easily with a wet paper towel.

It took about 2 years working with a laboratory to develop the formulation that would become GlassChalk. In 1998, Glass Chalk was awarded a US Patent for this unique paint.

Millions of markers later, Glass Chalk is still proudly made in Texas.

As you can see in our gallery, our creative customers have taught us many uses for GlassChalk.  In 2016, the Glass Chalk banner kit was born because a soccer mom, tired of making paper banners that would be ruined by wind and rain, inspired us to create a DIY weatherproof banner kit. Glass Chalk is the only paint that will stay flexible and waterproof on plastic.

We also noticed the paint was bright, durable and soft on fabric. In 2022 we are introducing a new line of Home and Classroom DIY Kits and supplies including the Drawstring Backpack Kit, The Classroom Inspiration Kit, trendy new stencil packs an updated Banner Kit and individually sold GlassChalk markers for all kinds of projects!