Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep my Glass Chalk Sponge Markers ready for my next project?

After each use, wash out the sponge tip of your markers with warm water. This will help prevent the paint from drying and clogging the tip.

How do I get the ink flowing on my Glass Chalk Sponge Markers?

Vigorously shake the tube and compress the sponge tip several times on a hard surface. To avoid spills, do this outdoors or over covered surfaces.

What’s the best way to clean Glass Chalk Sponge Marker ink from banners and windows?

All you need is a very wet towel and a little bit of rubbing. Use a circular motion when cleaning, and the ink should come off in no time.

Is the banner paper or cloth?

The Whatup Banner is a 3ftX10ft 6mil PLASTIC banner material. Your Whatup will stand up to most any weather thrown at it. The clips we designed do a great job of keeping the banner in place on windy days. The Heaviest CONTRACTOR trash bags are 3mil. The Whatup Banner plastic is twice as heavy.

Does the rope thread through the banner to mount it?

No. It threads through the banner clip. The rectangular wedge with the slot goes underneath the banner corner with the wide portion of wedge slot towards the middle of banner. The Ring Wedge portion goes on top of the banner. Have the ring wedge a little forward of bottom clip and slide back into the bottom wedge with the plastic in between. The cord goes through the clip ring.

Is the banner reusable? Does the marker wash off of the banner to be used again?

The WhatUp Banner is not meant to be reused. However, if you are interested in reusing, we suggest using paint thinner to remove the Glass Chalk paint from the banner. Please note, that the marker pigment may leave a faint impression of the previous artwork. Another option could be to use the reverse side of the banner.

If it rains, will the letter wash off?

No, it will not wash off. Our markers are designed to stay on in the rain.

After washing GlassChalk off my car windows with a hose, I noticed some specks of GlassChalk got on the doors and paint of my car. How do I remove them?

Spray WD40 on the affected area. Let it soak about 3 minutes. Spray a little WD40 on a soft rag and wipe off the flakes. Then rinse WD40 off with Dawn dishwashing liquid.

Help! My friends decorated my car along with my windows! How do I remove Glass Chalk from my car without hurting the paint job?

Your paint will be fine. Spray WD40 on the affected area. Let it soak for about 3 minutes. Spray some WD40 on a soft rag and wipe the GlassChalk off! Next, wash the WD40 and any remaining flakes off with Dawn dishwashing liquid. Try not to let the little flakes “set” on any rubber or plastic parts. If that happens, ArmorAll tire cleaner might be needed.

MSDS – Material Safety Data Sheet

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